What will Americans be sentimental about and longing for in 20 years? According to a new survey, it’s smartphones, TikTok trends and bootcut jeans.

In the poll of 2-thousand U.S. adults with streaming services subscriptions:

  • “Nostalgia” is defined as something that reminds them of a specific event in their life (27%), their childhood (23%), their favorite book (16%) or a favorite TV show or movie (14%).
  • More than three-quarters (76%) feel nostalgia when watching older movies and shows and they’re the most nostalgic for those from when they were between 11 and 20 years old (57%).
  • When watching those, they feel sentimentality (52%), happiness (43%), or a sense of longing (38%).
  • People feel the most nostalgic over fashion choices (49%), the dialogue and slang used (45%) and the actors (41%) from the shows and movies from their past.
  • For 79%, when they’re having a bad day, watching something that makes them nostalgic makes them feel better.
  • Three-quarters (75%) would subscribe to streaming services just for content that makes them feel nostalgic.
  • Three in four parents say they bond with their kids over remakes of movies and TV shows and 54% look forward to pointing things out in those shows and movies that they recognize, but know their kids won’t.
  • Some moms and dads say that’s already happening with their kids, who have started asking about flip phones (63%), cassette tapes (51%), CDs (47%) and VHS tapes and players (46%).
  • The decades Americans are most nostalgic for, based on the movies and shows from then, are the 80s (31%), the 90s (25%) and the 2000s (19%).
  • “Cheers” (47%), “Die Hard” (41%) and “Big” (36%) are the ones from the 80s people feel nostalgia for, while 90s favorites include “Baywatch” (44%), “Edward Scissorhands” (37%) and “Clueless” (36%), and from the Y2K era, it’s “Breaking Bad” (47%) and “CSI” (31%).

Source: SWNS Digital

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