Sleep Is Top Of Mind For Americans

2024 seems to be the year of sleep and that’s because it’s elusive for many Americans. The Sleep Foundation took a poll and they found that 37-percent of U.S. adults slept somewhat or much worse in 2023 than in previous years. Gen Z is the generation that has the most problems nodding off. Last year, the word sleep had a record amount of searches on Google. So what are we doing to improve sleep? Here are a few hacks that may work:

  • showering before bed 45-percent
  • using a weighted blanket 26-percent
  • keeping a bedroom window open 26-percent
  • exercised more to improve sleep, 27-percent
  • woke up earlier, 27-percent
  • 25-percent limited or avoided caffeine in the evenings
  • 19-percent turned off their phones when they went to bed

Experts say your bedroom should be designed to be a haven for sleep only.

Source: New York Post

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