We hear plenty of complaints about higher prices and interest rates, but according to a new poll, Americans are pretty optimistic about their own financial situation. The Axios Vibes survey finds that overall, people are surprisingly satisfied with their finances.

The survey of 2,120 U.S. adults finds:

  • When asked to rate their current financial situation, nearly two-thirds (63%) say theirs is “good,” including 19% who say it’s “very good.”
  • Americans have a rosy outlook for the future, as 66% think 2024 will be better than last year.
  • And 85% feel they could change their personal financial situation for the better this year.
  • More than three-quarters (77%) are happy with where they’re living, including renters, with 63% of them saying they’re not interested in owning a home and having a mortgage.
  • More than half of Americans say they’d be okay if they lost their job tomorrow, as many say they could find an equal or better job quickly.
  • But 63% aren’t worried about being out of work, describing their job security as “a sure thing.”

Source: Axios

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