Inflation Hit The Tooth Fairy!

Losing your first tooth is a right of passage for kids and they all know the best part of the whole thing is waking up to see what the Tooth Fairy left them in exchange. It used to be a dollar or maybe two, but times have definitely changed and it seems the value of these tiny teeth has skyrocketed. Believe it or not, some kids are getting crisp $100 bills from the Tooth Fairy, as well as extras like fancy designer jewelry.

Even the Tooth Fairy is affected by inflation these days and it’s not uncommon for her to leave $20 under the pillow for the kid’s first lost tooth. But they’re not all worth that much. According to insurer Delta Dental, the going rate for a single lost tooth in 2023 was $6.23, that’s up from $5.36 in 2022, and the highest amount in the 25 years they’ve been tracking the amounts. They predict that at this rate, by 2048, the norm will be $30 for just one tooth.

Of course, some lucky kids are getting way more from their Tooth Fairy visits.

  • This week, Chidera Nig, a mom from the U.K. told the “Wall Street Journal" that her daughter received $75, a letter, a silver fairy necklace and a Louis Vuitton bracelet for losing her first baby tooth.
  • California mom Kokoa Lawson shares that her daughter got a $100 bill that was decorated with glitter and removable rhinestones.
  • Former dentist Mark Burhenne, who runs, says cash, videogames and sometimes even iPhones are now popular Tooth Fairy presents.

Source: NY Post

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