'Who TF Did I Marry': Woman's TikTok Saga Goes Massively Viral

An Atlanta-area woman is going massively viral online for her dizzying account of the Lifetime movie-esque marriage she says she entered into with a scam artist during the pandemic.

The woman, posting to account @reesamteesa, has amassed millions of views on her 52-part (yes, you read that right) TikTok playlist recounting the relationship from start to finish. While 50 installments at roughly 10 minutes per video may sound excessive, especially on a short-form platform like TikTok, Reesa Teesa has had netizens across demographics, countries and social media platforms absolutely riveted, shooting her to internet stardom in a matter of days.

Hoping to get an understanding of the viral moment without sitting through the feature-length playlist? We've got you covered.

Woman shares 52-part 'Who TF Did I Marry?!?' series

An Atlanta woman identified on her TikTok account @reesamteesa as Reesa Teesa, began posting videos to what turned out to be a 52-part series on Feb. 14 and uploaded the final video in the "Who Tf Did I Marry" playlist three days later on Feb. 17.

The videos tell, in detail, the story of Teesa's marriage to a man she alleges was a "narcissist" and "pathological liar," though she acknowledges he was never formally diagnosed as being either.

Through the series, which amassed millions of views per each roughly ten-minute clip, she recounts the entire story of her 5-month marriage, which was allegedly full of Shyamalan-style twists and turns thanks to her now ex-husband who, according to her, was a master serial scammer.

She later did a roughly two-hour TikTok live stream talking about the story as well and uploaded 20 clips of a recording from that event. Since posting her story, her account has blown up to 1.1 million followers and 11.1 million likes across all of her content.

'Who TF Did I Marry?!' TikTok summary

Teesa's story begins in March 2020, mere weeks before America went into its first COVID lockdown. She says she met her now ex-husband, whom she nicknamed "Legion" for this story, on Facebook Dating and was soon wooed when he took care of a tire that blew on her car on the way to their first date.

They both agreed they were looking to find something serious and settle down and, after a few dates, Teesa learned that Legion, according to him, was well-off financially, having played arena football at one point before moving from California to Atlanta to serve as the VP of a well-known condiment company.

A mere two weeks later, COVID lockdown hit and the two decided to quarantine in Teesa's home together. Legion used his apparent high pay to cover all the household bills and the following month, the pair started looking to buy a home together.

While Legion always assured her that he had savings and money to pay the down payment on relatively expensive homes in cash, multiple attempts to go through with the process fell through on several different homes, always for different reasons. The same suspicious circumstance also began to occur around a series of cars the couple intended to purchase.

The couple fell pregnant within months of meeting but unfortunately lost the pregnancy soon after. Still, they got married in January of 2022. In the following months, Teesa found out through some digging that Legion was not the VP of the condiment company or a former arena football player, he had falsified legal documents, lied about his social security number, created fake bank statements and had even been having one-sided conversations with people who were not actually there on the phone in front of her. He also had a criminal record and had lied about his past marriages. Additionally, it is revealed that Legion is a twin who seemingly has the life he has been trying to portray.

The pair divorced by June of that year. She says she has since worked on forgiving herself for getting caught up in such a situation and for believing Legion's many elaborate lies.

Internet reacts to 'Who TF Did I Marry?!?' saga

The saga has since completely blown up online, with netizens comparing it to a riveting television show.

"I just canceled my Hulu subscription," said a comment on one video in the list, while another said, "Just canceled my Netflix subscription and handed my kids a box of Froot Loops. They’re fine til Tuesday or so. Let’s go…"

Television streaming platform Tubi even commented, "Starting now, no spoilers please" on part one of the 52-part playlist, receiving more than 27k likes.

The sentiment that Teesa's saga is better than anything streaming right now was repeated countless times across her videos, with many people speculating her story will eventually be picked up for a movie or television series, similar to "Zola," a movie made in 2021 based on a 148 part Twitter thread posted by dancer Aziah Wells back in 2015.

As for Teesa herself? She appears to still be sharing her stories and interacting with her new supporters. She recently held a live Q&A on her page for those who may have any lingering questions. Like many TikTok commenters have said, all we can do is wish her the best.

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