You may remember that in the past couple of years, the popular condiment Sriracha has occasionally been in short supply due to production issues and shortages of the red jalapeño chili peppers that are used to make it. According to Sriracha maker Huy Fong Foods, another shortage could be coming due to the recent crop of peppers not living up to company standards. 

A letter from Huy Fong according to USA Today said “After reevaluating our supply of chili, we have determined that it is too green to proceed with production as it is affecting the color of the product. We regret to inform you that we have decided to halt production until after Labor Day when our next chili season starts.” Orders to buyers from May 6 will be canceled and the pepper shortage also impacts Huy Fong’s Sambai Oelek and Chili Garlic products. 

Huy Fong’s issues date back to 2017 when they had a falling out with their exclusive pepper supplier (at the time) Underwood Ranches which forced Huy Fong to find a new source for their peppers. Since then, some customers have complained that the current Sriracha doesn't taste the same. The remedy in the past was for fans to stockpile bottles of the stuff or even swipe it from restaurants, so we may be in the same boat this summer as supplies dwindle. 

Source: Food Network

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