A Reddit post asks, “Is there a single item you purchased at Costco that saved you enough to cover the annual membership fee?” The person who posed the question shared theirs was a pair of prescription eyeglasses they bought for $250 at Costco because an equivalent pair from Warby Parker would run them $450.

More than 35-hundred responses have come in and these are some of the best:

  • “The amount of money we save a year on Goldfish crackers probably pays for our membership, and that’s not an exaggeration”
  • “Car batteries are usually about $100 cheaper than the equivalent at AutoZone”
  • “Costco Travel car rentals”
  • “I’ve bought and saved tons on furniture.”
  • “Allergy medicine, the 365 pill bottle of the Kirkland Zyrtec is something like $15.”
  • “Most recently, a vacation package. Same price as the booking through the company itself but I'm getting a Costco gift card that far exceeds the membership cost.”
  • “Gas alone does this for me. Fill up once a week and save on average $5.”
  • “I work at Costco. My vet told me that it’s not possible to get my pet meds at my warehouse. I called the pharmacy on speaker phone and asked for the specific meds I need and within 20m I had a confirmation. I also found a new vet”
  • “Costco Connect Insurance. You have to have a great driving record, and probably not all areas, but the car insurance was 1/2 any other, including USAA!”
  • “I save $40 for every six months of contacts compared to 1800-you know who.”
  • “Dyson hair dryer. Saved $90”
  • “Any time you think you might need new tires, upgrade to the executive membership, every year I've done that, my rebate is higher than $120 so I'm literally getting paid those years to shop at costco.”
  • “4 x $100 Uber gift cards for $80 each = $80 savings.”
  • “Baby formula. It is half the cost of enfamil and similac. I've probably saved $1000 dollars this past year on formula alone.”

Source: Reddit

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