Good news, New Mexico is hosting another season of AMC's "Better Call Saul.

Good news, Better Call Saul is here to stay. At lease for another season and has just begun production for the 4th season. 

AMC announced last year, Better Call Saul will return in 2018, giving fans 10 more episodes.

According to ABQ Journal, The production will employ 150 New Mexico crew members, 50 to 100 principal actors and about 1,500 people for background talent.

“We’re proud to welcome this incredible production team back for a fourth season of ‘Better Call Saul,'” said Film Office Director Nick Maniatis. “Over the last three seasons, Sony has proven to be an excellent partner with the state of New Mexico as we continue growing and diversifying our economy, and we look forward to the continued success of our partnership.”

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