Could there be a chile shortage?

If there is one thing New Mexican's love, it's our chile. Red or green, we love it all. The spicier the better. What if there was a chile shortage, what would we do to get our fix?

According to KRQE, there could be a chile shortage in New Mexico. We can't get enough of the hot stuff and apparently, everyone else around the country is catching on. The supply and demand has proven to keep local farmers busy and less chile available. 

Would you get your chile from another state or another country if there was none available here?

"They will still be able to get their green chile, it just might not be New Mexico grown.

“Sometimes we have to go to other markets for it. ...some restaurants are looking to states like Texas or Arizona to ensure they don’t run out. It is an effort that comes with a slight sacrifice"

Source: KRQE 

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