Attorney suggests El Paso 'divorce' Texas, join New Mexico

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EL PASO, Texas - In an article published on, El Paso attorney Steve Fischer suggests the Sun City get a "divorce" from Texas to become a part of New Mexico. 

"Our marriage to Texas has gotten old. New Mexico is younger and more attractive. We would not be ignored, especially because we would be their largest city," Fischer wrote. 

In his plea for El Paso to leave the state of Texas, Fischer also notes the rejection of El Paso candidates seeking statewide offices.

Fischer says it's time for El Paso to break up with Texas and become a part of New Mexico.

"Grant us a divorce and we won’t even request the back support. If there are any El Pasoans who think we need a wall to protect us, take ‘em. You can have custody and everyone will be better off," Fischer wrote.

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