WARNING: This Website Lists Your Personal Info

This is terrifying.

There are many websites online like this, but this one seems to have a lot of personal information that should not be public and could be dangerous!

It lists out your address, email, phone number, family member names and more. The good news is, you can request to have your information taken down.

Why would a website like this exist? How is this legal? Don’t worry though, there's a way to remove your information. Your family and friends are on here -- let them know as well.

Go to truepeoplesearch.com. Search for your name to see if it's listed.

If you find it, go to the bottom of the page and hit the tiny "privacy" link. Select the option to remove a record. Follow the instructions.

This is dangerous! I just removed myself and I suggest you do the same!

Here's a video tutorial if you want step by step instructions.

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