"Buddymoons" are the Hottest New Wedding Trend

Buddymoons are when a couple brings a group of friends along on their honeymoon, and Post Grad Problems' Steph W. thinks they're "the worst idea [she's] ever heard." She goes on to explain that if you can't spend a week alone together right after getting married, you'd be better off taking your "buddymoon" money and putting it toward a divorce lawyer. 

Furthermore, she warns, “Take a second to think about whether your friends actually want to go on this ‘adventure’ with you. Of course, they won’t say no if invited, but after dropping thousands on bridesmaid dresses, showers, parties, drinks, and travel, if you ask your friends to spend another 10 days and thousands of dollars on vacation with you, understand that this is the last interaction you will EVER have with these people again.”

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