Watch: SUV Sinks After Beach Selfie is GOING VIRAL

Earlier this week on the Jersey shore, a guy parked his Land Rover in the surf and began taking photos of it. Consequently, it became lodged in the sand, which forced Mr. Car Selfie to bust out a shovel and start digging. 

When that didn’t work, he was forced to have a tow truck come free the SUV. "The kid insisted on leaving it running the entire time in the water," a man who captured footage of the situation told NJ Advance Media. "He felt as though if he shut it off, he may never get it started again. I told him to at least close the driver's window. He told me not to worry about it -- the truck's waterproof." 

When he drove off, the eyewitness added,  "The vehicle sounded like it was flushing seashells through the engine, grinding and cracking, and sizzling, smoking and steaming.”