STUDY: Want a 2nd Date? Eat THIS on the First Date

They say you are what you eat. So if want to be lucky in love, the dating app Hinge has determined that what you should eat is fried chicken. A survey of 8,000 Hinge users finds that first dates are most likely to lead to second dates when you eat some deep-fried poultry or slurp some Bloody Marys. Here are the five types of food that Hinge users claim give you the best chance of snagging a second date:

  1. Fried chicken (24%)
  2. Vegan (23%)
  3. Sushi (19%)
  4. Pizza (15%)
  5. Pancakes (9%)

And here are the five types of drinks you should order on a first date to up your odds of a second date:

  1. Bloody Mary (50%)
  2. Old Fashioned (35%)
  3. Beer (27%)
  4. Wine (23%)
  5. Tequila (20%)

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