Cheesecake Factory's Famous Bread Is Officially Coming To Grocery Stores!

Rejoice! Dreams do come true! 

If you’ve had dinner at The Cheesecake Factory, you know one of the best parts of eating there is the basket of warm bread that comes to your table after ordering. It's none other than Cheesecake Factory’s Famous Brown Bread! People are obsessed with it and for good reason!

Well, we have some BIG news for you! 

The restaurant is now SELLING the bread in grocery stores. 

YES! It comes in three varieties: as heat and serve dinner rolls and mini-baguettes, and in pre-cut sandwich loaves. Did you also know that "The Cheesecake Factory At Home" also sells boxed cheesecake, cookie, and brownie mix too!?!

According to the Food & Wine Staff:

The bread does indeed “tastes exactly like at The Cheesecake Factory,” which means you’ll be bringing some of the restaurant’s atmosphere to your home, and that’s certainly part of its appeal. It has a super soft texture and takes like “sweet whole grain bread,” which would be perfect for French toast.

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