There Is A 4-Story Go-Kart Track That's Just Like Mario Kart In Real Life!

If you love Mario Kart then today is a big day for you! Behold Niagara Speedway in Niagara Falls, Ontario! It's a four-story go-kart experience with a lot twists & turns much like the the Mario Kart video game tracks we know & love. 

According to Toronto's Daily Hive: 

The track is set to open in Spring 2018, and you can reasonably expect a mass exodus of go-karts lining up at the Canadian border around that time. 

While there's no official Mario Kart or Nintendo branding associated with the track itself... we can only hope that one day there will be! 

Don't start rushing there just yet though! The Niagara Speedway's opening date is still unconfirmed according to Thrillist

Please open soon!

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