Lighthouse Job Near San Francisco Comes With $130K Salary

Lighthouse Job Near San Francisco Comes With $130,000 Salary

Want a new job & a bigger salary in 2019?  This California job may be perfect for you & your sweetie or best friend.  According to the SF Gate...

A non-profit organization is offering a $130,000 salary to the lucky couple chosen to live in and run a bed an breakfast on an island in the middle of California's San Pablo Bay.  Starting April 2019, the East Brother Lighthouse is in need of two worthy candidates to take care of its bed and breakfast's operating needs, which includes transporting guests back & forth from the mainland to the island and preparing food.  The $130,000 salary is a revenue split, which gives the two innkeepers incentive to maintain a fully-booked schedule.  The couple would split the lump sum salary.

The lighthouse, located on a 7-acre island near the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge, has been an active lighthouse since 1873 and, in 1979, was restored and transformed into a cozy inn to help raise money for the lighthouse's operations.  Here are the job's requirements, according to the SF Gate...

  • Applicants, specifically a couple, should have a Coast Guard commercial boat operator's license and the ability to run the 5-bedroom inn;
  • Preparing and serving breakfast & dinner for guests;
  • Maid duties;
  • Ferry guests to & from the mainland (approximately 10 minutes each way).

When the job starts in April, the couple would receive 2 weeks training.  The couple's room and board would also be covered by the non-profit.  The Inn is open to guests 4 days a week from Thursday to Sunday nights, while the island itself can be booked for day use or to host special events.  Interested in applying?  Be sure that your Coast Guard license is current & valid, then click the link below to apply...

Innkeepers Job For East Brother Lighthouse Bed & Breakfast

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