Epic Neighborhood Feud Ends With A House Painted Pink With Emoji Faces

The home, which homeowner Katheryn Kidd calls the "Happy House," has divided neighbors. Some way it's creative, while others say it's an eyesore and makes them concerned about a potential decrease in property values.

Kidd has been using the home as short-term rental. She was fined $4,000 after her neighbor reported her since short-term rentals are illegal in Manhattan Beach. 

Shortly after, the duplex was painted hot pink with the two emojis. The neighbor told local media the home was repainted in retaliation to embarrass her. She believes the long eyelashes were used to mimic her and the emoji with a zipper was a message to remain quiet. Kidd has denied all allegations and says the paint job was intended to make people smile. 

Neighbors have asked the City to get involved, but the assistant city attorney says she can't do anything about it. 

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