Win A $25 DoorDash Gift Card with "Don't Blow It"!

Every weekday at 5:30pm we play DON'T BLOW IT...

It's easy, I call you...ask you a trivia question and if you get it right YOU WIN!

Every day this week, the "Don't Blow It" Winner will score $25 at Rio Bravo Brewing on 2nd Street South of I-40

This week's theme is movie quotes...I give you a tell me what Movie it's's just that easy!

If you want to play...fill out the form below

or send your name, phone number, and date of birth to (Make sure "Don't Blow It" is in the subject line)

If you signed up last week...make sure to sign up again!

Also...make sure to answer your phone...if you don't can't play.

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