Cinderella Castle In Walt Disney World Is Getting A Makeover

Walt Disney World Resort Celebrates 45th Anniversary to Colorful Fanfare

New year, new castle!

On Monday (February 17), Walt Disney World announced theiriconic centerpiece is getting a "bold" makeover.Jason Kirk, Vice President of Magic Kingdom Park, released a statement revealing Cinderella Castle will receive a major update in honor of the 70th anniversary of the animated classic's release in 1950. Not only did Kirk share the exciting news, he also released stunning artwork for the castle makeover's, too. The castle will receive a fresh coat of pink-tinted paint, as well as the addition of ornate gold accents.

“Cinderella first transformed into a princess 70 years ago this week when the animated classic was released,” Kirk wrote in a blog post, “and ever since, her courage and kindness have been inspiring guests and cast members alike. We are excited to share that her story has inspireda bold, shimmering and royal makeoverof her namesake castle at the heart of Walt Disney World Resort.”

Here's a side-by-side of the castle's current appearance (left) and the concept art for the planned updates:

If you have a Disney World vacation on the horizon, there's no need to worry about whetherthe work on Cinderella's Castlewill effect your trip. While work is expected to begin in the coming weeks and continue on throughout the busy summer months, progress won’t impact the area’s big attractions, such as Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire and Happily Ever After shows. Your castle photo-ops, however, might be slightly less Instagram-worthy while the work is in progress.

“When you visit, be sure to share your excitement with our cast members — they can’t wait to see the shimmering towers shining down on the kingdom each and every morning,” Kirk wrote.

How do you feel about Cinderella Castle's upcoming makeover?

Photo: Getty

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