15 Ways To Stay On Track While Working From Home

Working from Home can be a balancing act...here are 15 ways to stay on track!

1. Set your alarm and get up as you would on a work day.

2. Keep your usual routine. If you read the paper, do it; morning workout, keep it up; lazy time with coffee and your favorite morning show, stick with your regularly scheduled programming.

3. Get out of bed and dressed, and not in sweat pants. Being in work clothes can get you in the right mind-set. Save those for step 15.

4. Make the bed! This will signal both that you are getting your day going and that your bed is closed for business during waking hours.

5. Make a plan of work hours with the people you live with. These people will be your “office” mates, and if you’re all on board with this all of you will be more successful.

6. Because we can still be outside, before you sit down to work take a walk around the block. Walk to work. Take this opportunity to spend special time with pets; your furry friends are going to love having you home.

7. Open your curtains and if it’s nice out open your windows. Fresh air is good medicine.

8. Set-up a designated work space. I'm fortunate enough to have a home office to retreat to, but any space set apart, such as a dining room, is a great place to work.

9. Keep your work supplies at the ready. Pull out a tray and load it with your work supplies so you don’t get interrupted by continually getting up to find things. This includes a big glass of water to stay hydrated.

10. Plan breaks so that when you are tempted to get up you can keep going knowing there is a break in the schedule

11. Turn your phone notifications off. Instagram could suck your whole day if you let it.

12. At the end of the day, put everything into the tray and take it off the table, transforming your space back into a home. It's important to respect work-life boundaries.

13. Again, “walk” home with a stroll around the block. 

14. Make dinner more lux than usual. Since you haven’t had to rush home, use the time you would have been commuting to pour your wine into a special glass, treat yourself to dimmed lights and light candles at the table. This will help make the evening a work free zone. 

15. Time for sweatpants and streaming!

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