Waiting On That Stimulus Check? This USPS Program Will Keep You Updated

Economic Stimulus Package Tax Rebate Checks Printed

Thanks to the passing of the $2 trillion coronavirus law, about 145 million Americans will receive stimulus checks to help them stay afloat during the coronavirus pandemic, but some will have to wait longer than others.

Nearly 115 million Americans who filed their taxes last year will receive their stimulus check via direct deposit into their bank account by April 14 at the latest,according to The Washington Post.But $30 million will be mailed to residents in the form of paper checks and won't be sent out until April 24. Some checks may not reach Americans until September.

Americans waiting for their stimulus check can receive notice of when it arrives in their mailbox thanks to a United States Postal Service program.USPS' Informed Delivery program offers residents a digital preview of their mail with emails of greyscale images of incoming letters. The program is free to the public and also allows users to track the delivery status of packages and reschedule missed deliveries.

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