Father Surprises Daughter With A "Home Prom" After Her Prom Was Cancelled

A father from Alabama wanted to make sure his daughter got her prom night during this coronavirus pandemic so he treated her to a surprise prom at home. Marlie Rodgers, a high school senior, was able to dance with her father on the day her prom was supposed to happen.

In a Facebook post, Marli’s sister, Natalie shared photos of them dancing with a note from her father asking Marli for “one dance” at prom.

“Will you go with me?” the note read, laid on top of a gown and a pair of heels.

You can see Rodgers and Marli dancing in a video to a song by the Rascal Flatts at their home.

Natalie wrote in a Facebook post:

“Memories we will cherish forever – even in the middle of the chaos and craziness.”

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