Therapy Dog, "Dogter Loki" Delivers Healing Kits to Health Workers

Therapy dog, ‘Dogtor Loki,’ from Baltimore is bringing smiles to health care workers through digital dog visits. The 2-year-old Rottweiler therapy dog comforts patients each week usually at the University of Maryland Medical Center but couldn’t do so anymore after the coronavirus pandemic so now she does digital dog visits thanks to her owner Caroline Benzel.

“I’ll Facetime and Loki and will go outside and sit in my mom’s front yard,” Benzel told “GMA.”

Benzel started training Loki since she was 18 weeks old and got her used to the hospital’s environment and patients.

“I’ve never met a dog that's so empathetic. It’s kind of strange. There have been many circumstances at the hospital where she can just read a situation where a patient is in a very bad way or a family member is going through a loss,” said Benzel to “GMA.”

This story was originally published by Good Morning America.

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