Nurse Decorates Hosptial Rooms With Photos Of Patients' Loved Ones

An ER nurse, Jeanna Barbiere, has started the Pictures for Patients program where she decorates patients rooms with photos of loved ones during the coronavirus outbreak. She got the idea after a friend’s dad was in the ICU at Lowell General and wanted to help.

"They ended up printing out some photos and putting them in their mailbox and I grabbed them from their mailbox on the way into work the next day," she said to “Good Morning America.” "Seeing how doable that was and how much it seemed to help him and his family, I just decided to go for it.”

She then purchased a photo printer to use at home , secured an email address and began to spread the word that patients’ families could email her photos to print out and hang in the hospital room.

"Some people are awake and they’re on regular floors and they see the photos," she said to “GMA.” "The people that are in ICUs or who may be intubated or sedated, the nurses go in and tell them the family has sent pictures and they hang them up on their wall.”

Barbieri is covering the expenses out of her own pocket and has even recently started accepting donations.

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