Let's Go To Disneyland With A Virtual Ride On The Indcredicoaster

Alright....It's Thursday and we're in quarantine so lets take a virtual ride with The Incredibles on the Incredicoaster at Disney's California Adventure Park at The Disneyland Resort.

In case you're wondering...here's what I could do on my way to the ride...it's a brief snapshot into my world.

  1. Enter the Park
  2. Grab A Quick Glass of Wine at Wine Country Trattoria...the line is almost always shorter than the beer line.
  3. Drink that Wine While Standing in Line for a Beer at The Pacific Wharf Distribution Company
  4. Jump in line for The Incredicoaster...didn't waste a Fastpass on this one. Line is usually under 30 minutes
  5. Ride The Ride
  6. Grab A Jack's Jack's Nom Nom...so good
  7. Re-Beer at Bayside Brews