There Is Now An App For Some Quiet Time

An app that allows people to rent quiet, local spaces by the hour is having a moment. The app, called Globe, launched last year, and since lockdown orders have gone into effect it’s found its audience. It’s available in cities across the globe, and since the pandemic began it’s gained 25,000 new users. Initially created to give people some peace and quiet between meetings, it has since shifted into a place people in cramped houses can use to get some work done. Globe relies on people willing to rent out quiet spaces in their homes or buildings, like Airbnb. However, unlike the home-rental app, the rooms are rented by the hour and overnight stays are prohibited. Globe also updated its safety policy due to the outbreak, which now requires users to come alone, submit a photo for verification, and provide body temperature to ensure they do not have the virus. Homeowners must also clean between guests.