Bride Angry After Friend Shares Pregnancy Announcement At Her Wedding

It’s pretty much accepted that you should never upstage a bride on their wedding day, but this friend apparently didn’t get the message and is now wondering why the bride is no longer speaking to her.

A woman shared on Reddit’s “Am I The A-hole” forum that one of her good friends is no longer speaking to her because of what she did at that friend’s wedding. For some backstory, the OP shares that she and her husband had been struggling with fertility issues for five years and just a few months before her friend’s wedding she happily found out she was pregnant.

Well, you can almost guess what happened next. The OP explains that because it’s so rare that all her friends get together anymore, and since she wanted to share her pregnancy news in person, she started telling some of her friends about the baby at the wedding. She notes, “It drew a bit of attention but nothing major."

But apparently it was enough to tick off the bride, who found out and was “furious,” telling her she made the night all about her. "I was apologetic but explained my reasoning and expected her to be happy for me,” she said. “She was anything but and has made absolutely no effort with me since." 

  • While the OP was probably looking for some sympathy, she got none, with pretty much everyone on Reddit telling her she was wrong.
  • “YTA, you hijacked what's supposed to be their special day to make an announcement about you," one person noted, while another added, "Lol sounds like the 'best friends' ship has sailed. Op is TA in a big big way.”
  • Others noted that while the OP probably didn’t mean any harm with her announcement, she was still wrong for doing it, and really needs to apologize to the bride if she wants to repair their friendship.
  • As one noted, “For future reference, an apology is not an apology if it comes with excuses/justifications for the behavior.” 

Source:Café Mom

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