Mom and Daughter Both Become Doctor's On The Same Day

Female doctor helping surgeon wearing glove

Finishing medical school and becoming a doctor is an impressive accomplishment, but it’s even more incredible for a mother and daughter duo who are doing it together.Dr. Cynthia Kudji Sylvester and her daughter,Dr. Jasmine Kudji both recently graduated from medical school and now they’re both beginning their careers as doctors at the LSU Health system in Louisiana.

The pair has made headlines for becoming “the first mother and daughter to attend medical school at the same time and match at the same institution,” according to Dr. Kudji Sylvester’s alma mater, the University of Medicine and Health Sciences in St. Kitts. She’s an incoming family medicine resident at LSU Lafayette and her daughter is a general surgery resident at LSU Health New Orleans.

Being a doctor is something this mom has always wanted to do, but when she was younger and had Jasmine to support, she put her goal on hold and became a nurse first, then a nurse practitioner. And now at 49, her dream of being a physician is finally coming true.

  • For Jasmine, watching her mom at work in medicine helped her know she wanted to be a doctor and she started medical school at Louisiana State University right after she finished her undergraduate degree.
  • The women supported each other during their time at med school and that support helped them both get through it. “Having my mom be the person who understands medical school was great,” Jasmine explains. “You’re just able to rely on each other throughout the entire process.”


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