De-cluttering During The Pandemic? These Are The Items You Should Keep!

Cluttered Closet

Lots of us have been cleaning out our closets thanks to all the extra time we’ve had at home recently, but it turns out, there are some pieces that shouldn’t get the boot. When you’re decluttering and purging, the things you’ll want to hold on to have one thing in common - they never really go out of style. These items are less susceptible to the trend cycle and these are timeless clothing and accessories you’ll want to keep.

  • Designer bags- Purse styles come and go, but holding on to a designer bag from five or 15 years ago will save you a lot of money and regret when your older purse is suddenly cool again.
  • Belts- This basic wardrobe necessity may be more or less relevant in passing seasons, but it’s often not the belts that change but the way they’re worn or what they’re worn with.
  • Eveningwear- We’re not talking about bridesmaids dresses, but classic gowns and evening accessories, like heels and clutches, that probably aren’t going out of style anytime. They’re not cheap, so hold on to them and you’ll be happy you did when you’re scrambling for what to wear to a future event.
  • Classic jewelry- Doesn’t matter if it’s an investment or an affordable find, keep your classic pieces because even if you go a long time without wearing them, they’ll find a way back into your rotation one day.
  • Timeless outerwear- Trendy coats and jackets are fun, but timeless pieces like blazers, trench coats, or leather jackets deserve a permanent spot in your closet.
  • Sweaters- High-quality, simple sweaters can be pricey, but they can last for years if you take care of them.
  • Slips and camis- They make great under layers or can be worn on their own so don’t get rid of these wardrobe essentials.
  • Scarves- Trends don’t really apply to scarves, whether they’re silky or for cold weather, their styles don’t change over time, so the ones you own can stick with you for the long haul.

Source:Who What Wear

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