Disney Confirms That 'Tron 3' Is In Development

World Premiere Of Walt Disney's "TRON: Legacy" - Arrivals

Disney has announced that a third installment of theTron movie franchise is happening. A Tron television series was supposed to air on Disney+ but was scrapped and soon afterward the world started circulating rumors about Tron 3 coming to the big screen. 

And rumors are what they are at this point as production hasn’t started and no release date has been announced, however, what we do know is that the new Tron 3 will be more of a sequel than a reboot and Jared Leto is secured as the lead. 

Although not confirmed, Disney is hoping that the director from the first two installments, Joseph Kosinski returns as well as Daft Punk, who made the first twoTron movies sound amazing.

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