Stouffer's Is Bringing Us A Mac And Cheese Tap!!!

Stouffer's is creating a household device that dispenses macaroni and cheese, a classic favorite dish of most.

On June 26, Stouffer's announced it on social media:

“It’s very real,” the frozen food brand posted on Twitter and Facebook. “We created a Mac on Tap dispenser delivering Mac & Cheese straight from the tap! Coming soon…”

It has an internal heater to keep the pre-cooked Stouffer's mac and cheese at the right temperature for serving. Once the lever is pulled it can be served in a bowl or as a topping on anything else.

It is not available to customers yet.

“Our team is still working through how to best bring it to life for all of our fans,” Stouffer’s replied when a fan asked for more info. “Stay tuned for details.”

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