You Shop With Our Money Is Back! Start Entering Now!

It is back for 2020!

You Shop with Our Money presented by American Home Furniture & Mattress

See...some things haven't gone wrong this year!

Listen to The Peak starting October 19th for your chance to win free shopping just in time for the Holidays.

NOW is the time to start collecting those entries...remember the more time your name is in there the more likely it is that our "Random Name Generator" will spit it out.

Click Here to enter to win every single day...make sure you take advantage of those bonus entries too.

Real quick reminder on how it works

  • Enter to win daily
  • Starting October 19th, tune in to JTD weekday mornings after 7am and 8am and listen for your name
  • If it's them back 299-PEAK to claim your money (We add $150 each time we don't get a winner)

Also...Happy Holidays!!

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