Costco Offering Members 12 Month Membership To A Private Jet Service

Everyone loves to get a deal while shopping at Costco, and the latest deal they are offering may be great, but still way out of reach for a lot of their customers.

The warehouse giant is now offering customers a 12-month membership to a private jet service. The deal for Wheels Up costs a bargain $17,499.99, but it does come with several perks. The price includes a $3,500 Costco Shop Card, a $4,000 flight credit and "guaranteed nationwide aircraft availability up to 365 days a year."

Those who buy the membership will be able to book a trip with less than 24 hours notice, with Wheels Up offering more than 300 planes of their own, and over 1,250 “partner aircraft.” Members will also have access to special events, and a one-year membership to the luxury vacation rental service Inspirato. 

Source:USA Today

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