2020 Was Only The 8th Worst Year In U.S. History...Which Were Worse?

Most of us were very excited to see 2020 go bye bye...

However, historians have ranked 2020 as the 8th worst year in American History...it turns out 2020 was even the worst year in my lifetime.

8th - 2020 - The Coronavirus Pandemic
7th - 2001 - The Year of the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks
6th - 1962 - The Year of the Cuban Missile Crisis
5th - 1968 - The Year of Martin Luther King's Assassination
4th - 1919 - The Year of The Spanish Flu
2nd (tie) - 1838 - The Year of The Trail of Tears
2nd (tie) - 1929 - The Year of The Wall Street Crash
1st - 1862 - The Bloodiest Year of The American Civil War

Click Here to read the Full story from The Daily Mail (and to see the worst years in WORLD history!)

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