Stylists Predict The Fashion Trends for 2021!

Now that we’ve rung in the new year, it’s going to be time for a fresh crop of fashion trends. Insider asked three professional stylists about their predictions for 2021 and this is what they say everyone will be wearing in the coming year.

  • Statement sleeves - Bold balloon sleeves and big-shouldered 1980s-style sleeves are about to have their moment, according to stylist Lana Blanc.
  • Chunkier soles and heels - Chunky sneakers were big in 2020 and stylist Patrick Kenger says the trend is spreading to dress shoes and loafers in 2021.
  • Wider and looser cuts - We may be seeing fewer skin-tight styles and more relaxed silhouettes, including oversized sweaters, boxy blouses and flowing dresses.
  • Earthy tones - Warm, earthy colors like rust reds, mustard yellows and deep browns are becoming the new neutrals and are replacing the minimalist blacks, whites and grays that have been popular for so long.
  • Bra tops - When the weather heats up this spring and summer, Blanc expects we’ll be seeing midriff-baring bra tops everywhere.
  • Shades of pink - Pink may be the color of the new year, with hues from pastel to fuschia showing up on the runways and in wardrobes.
  • “Shackets” - It’s a cross between a shirt and a jacket and fashion stylist Brittany Diego says 2021 will be the year of the shacket, which she calls “the perfect layering piece.”
  • Knits and ribbed fabrics - We may not be living in sweatpants this year, but comfy fabrics will still be in. According to Diego, sweaters and cardigans will dominate the winter fashion scene and lighter ribbed pieces will carry the trend into summer.
  • “Flatforms” - These shoes are stacked platform heels that have an even rise from back to front and people like their mix of style and comfort.
  • Velour tracksuits - They were everywhere in the early 2000s and some stylists think the matching athleisure style is about to make a big comeback. One 2021 upgrade we may see? Tracksuits made from materials other than velour, like silk, satin or knits.