Heroes: 4 Men Eat 66 Pounds Of Oranges To Avoid An Airline Baggage Charge

Half of orange on the heap of oranges

Half of orange on the heap of oranges

  • Four men won't need any vitamin C for a few days. 
  • The co-workers in China bought a large box of oranges during a business trip. 
  • When they tried to check their bags to return home, the airline said the men would be charged 300 yuan (or $47) for the excess weight caused by the oranges.
  • The men said they couldn't afford it, so they did the next best thing. They ate all of the oranges. 
  • Between the four travelers, 66 oranges were consumed in 30 minutes. 
  • One of the men said, "We just stood there and ate the whole thing up. We never want to have any oranges again."

4 Men Ate 66 Pounds of Oranges in Under 30 Minutes to Avoid an Airport’s Excess Baggage Fees | PEOPLE.com

Photo: Getty Images

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