Self Care: Add Yourself To Your Valentine List

Valentine's Day table setting

We’ve all been through a lot in the last year and Valentine’s Day might be the ideal time to show your appreciation to your loved ones - including yourself. The pandemic hasn’t exactly been the ideal time to meet new people and fall in love, but we all deserve a treat just for surviving, no matter what our relationship status is. So when you’re buying for the people you love this Valentine’s Day, experts say you may want to consider getting yourself a gift, too.

“Valentine's Day is all about love, but we often do not think of loving ourselves,” explains marriage and family therapist Susan Harrington. This is a holiday we show our appreciation for those we care about, so don’t forget you’re one of them. Psychologist Sheva Assar reminds us that because of the hardships we’ve dealt with this past year, we should make being kind to ourselves a priority. She explains, “It is important to take the time to thank and love yourself for all that you have endured and the many changes and adjustments that you have made to be able to cope with the numerous stressors.”

Whether you’re single, married, partnered or something in-between, Assar points out that the one constant in your life is yourself, so she says “treating yourself” should be something you try to do everyday, “especially on the holiday of love.” She says we should show ourselves some love this Valentine’s Day in whatever way we most appreciate receiving it. Maybe that’s splurging on takeout from your favorite restaurant or buying those new shoes you’ve been eyeing online or sleeping in and being lazy all day, but however you treat yourself, you deserve it!

Source: NBC News

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