Scottish Woman Pushing A Dairy Truck Up A Hill Video Goes Viral!

A Scottish woman shows her appearing to push a huge truck up a snow-covered hill.

The video was posted on Facebook Tuesday and it showed the woman pushing the back of a dairy truck as it moved at a walking pace up the slope in the town of Cowdenbeath in Fife. “Just your average Cowdenbeath woman pushing a lorry up a hill,” traffic watchdog group Fife Jammer Locations wrote with four flexing-bicep emojis as it posted the 18-second clip.

It wasn’t clear exactly what was going on to make the woman look like she was pushing the massive vehicle, but the video soon garnered thousands of comments and a flurry of Wonder Woman memes. “Obviously does CrossFit!” one woman wrote while another said, “That’s what happens when you drink your [milk] kids.”

Many others were alarmed, however, at the risk of the truck rolling back, with several saying it could “go sour quickly.” The dairy company whose truck was being pushed shared the video and is asking for help in finding the now-viral strongwoman.

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