The Reported Changes That Are Coming With The iPhone 13

YouTube channel Everything Apple Pro has shared some leaked details about Apple's iPhone 13, which is expected to drop this September.

It looks like the iPhone 13 isn't going to feature major overhauls from the 12, but it will features on "always on" display that will show the time and battery charge info at all times.

Then there's the leak that certain notifications will light up only a certain part of the iPhone 13's screen, rather then the whole display.

There are some camera upgrades coming with the iPhone 13, too, like a new ultra-wide camera, a way to take videos in portrait mode and much better options for those into space photography.

As far as function, the home screen "notch" will reportedly return to the iPhone 13. This phone will also have a matte back for better grip. Hopefully that means less shattered iPhones!

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Photo: Getty Images

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