Mac And Cheese Popcorn Is Now A Thing!

  • Who's ready for a cheesy popcorn experience? 
  • Act II Is apparently releasing microwavable popcorn that tastes just like mac & cheese. Yummy!
  • There’s no indication of when we can expect to see the Mac & Cheese Popcorn in stores, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed that it’s this year, and soon. 
  • Instagram accounts @junkpickers and @junkfoodmom recently posted pictures of the new microwavable popcorn and now it's all the buzz for popcorn lovers. We got questions!
  • How will the mac and cheese flavor differ from just cheese? How cheesy will it be? What kind of cheese is used?
  •  Act II, please feel free to clarify at your convenience. 
  • What is your favorite popcorn flavor?

Act II Is Apparently Releasing Microwavable Popcorn That Tastes Just Like Mac & Cheese

Photo: Getty Images