What Is Your "I'm Turning Into My Parents" Moment?

No matter how much kids will swear they will never grow up to be like their parents, there comes a time where most wind up doing just that. Well, now folks are sharing the moments they realized they are taking after their parents, and it’s truly eye opening.

It all started when someone on Reddit posed the question, "What’s the most 'I’m turning into my parents' moment for you?,” and folks were happy to chime in.

They include: 

  • "I started falling asleep during movies. I used to get so mad at my mom for doing that, now I have a job and I understand why."
  • "When I was cleaning the kitchen and didn't want anyone else to help because I felt like it wouldn't be done right."
  • "Yelled at my kid and at the same time saw myself out the corner of my eye in the mirror. I was yelling something my dad used to yell at me, and I look a lot like him. I hated it when I was a kid, and immediately apologized to my kid."
  • "The first time 'get off of my lawn' popped in my head."
  • "I rearrange the plates in the dishwasher if my boyfriend put them 'wrong' so I can do full loads and use up all the space."
  • “Getting annoyed when my roommate was throwing Tupperware lids and containers into the cupboard without ANY organization."
  • "When I had a cabinet full of plastic grocery bags."
  • When I went through my house the other day, yelling to my two young kids, 'When you leave a room, turn the LIGHTS OFF! This costs money!' I've officially become my dad.”
  • "Getting to the airport three hours before my flight leaves."
  • "When I get takeout, sometimes I think, 'This is a nice container, I’m gonna keep this and add it to my Tupperware.'"
  • "Calling my kids by the wrong name."
  • “My wife and I planned an all-nighter playing video games. My eyelids were drooping, and I was unable to stay awake. I looked at the clock... it was 10:30 p.m." 

Source: Buzzfeed

Photo: Getty Images

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