Are You A BBQ Expert? You Could Get Paid For It!

  • Have you stood outside, knee-deep in snow just to put a smoky char on a steak? Do you have your own set of utensils, used only for grilling? 
  • If you're a true barbecue boss, Seriously Smoked is looking for a grilling expert.
  • If hired as "Head of Grillovation" you'll be tasked with trying out and reviewing a variety of grills, smokers and utensils for an entire month - all from the comfort of your home.
  • The pay? You keep every piece of grill equipment that you test.
  • Seriously Smoked's website says hand-eye coordination is a must for the job, as you'll be "flipping a burger with one hand, whilst sipping on an ice cold drink with the other."
  • Grill masters, you have until April 30th to apply for the job at

Are You a Barbecue Expert? This Company Will Hire You to Test New Grilling Products | Travel + Leisure

Photo: Getty Images