Here Are Some Of The Spring 2021 Fashion Trends

Ready to change out of the loungewear you’ve been wearing for most of the last year and put on something stylish? Fashion is ready for you, with looks from the near past, like early-2000s ParisHilton, and the far past, like Marie Antoinette, coming back in style. These are expected to be some of spring’s biggest fashion trends.

  • Corset-inspired pieces - The “Bridgerton”-effect is in full swing with this trend. Cottagecore was so 2020 and in 2021, it’s all about royalcore - dressing in feminine clothing inspired by Regency and Renaissance-era fashion.
  • Square toe shoes - Rounded and pointed toe boots, pumps and sandals are making way for a boxier look this spring.
  • Cool cut-outs - The comfy, cozy knitwear we’ve been lounging in for the last year is getting an upgrade with cutouts that can show a little skin, or be layered over thin tops and tights.
  • Loosen up - Did you hear that skinny jeans are out … or will make you look old, at least according to Gen Z. And they may be onto something based on this trend of oversize and baggy blazers, jeans and blouses.
  • The mini is back - Move over midi skirts, the mini skirt is back again, so get ready to show off some leg.
  • Tinted square frames - Fashionistas know the next retro sunglasses style that’s coming back in is tinted shades, especially sunnies with yellow and orange lenses in oversized square frames.
  • Checkerboard - This print is back and it’s not limited to black and white. From coats like the one in “The Queen’s Gambit” to checkerboard print pants and menswear-inspired button-ups, there are so many ways to rock this trend.

Source: Forbes