Taco Bell Launches To Potentially Delicious Items

The residents of Fullerton, California, are extremely lucky right now.

Their Taco Bell is testing out two items on their menu: Crispy Cheese Dippers and Crispy Cheese Nacho Fries.

Both are made with cheese curds, and both are fried. 

The Crispy Cheese Dippers are cheese curds rolled in a tortilla chip coating, fried, and serves with dipping sauce.

The Crispy Cheese Nacho Fries are the Crispy Cheese Dippers served atop an order of loaded Nacho Fries. 

If the items are successful, Taco Bell will consider adding them to the menu. As of right now, they are only available until the 10th.

Do your part...start dialing random numbers in Fullerton and tell them to order these a bunch so I can get deep fried goodness. (kidding but not)

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