Millions of People Are Watching This Lady Fold Laundry On TikTok

Marie Kondo may want to watch her back...because a new organizing guru is taking over. We never thought we’d be turning to social media to watch someone fold clothes, but “The Folding Lady” is changing that. Her social media feeds are basically a one-stop shop for learning how to keep everything neat, tidy and wrinkle-free and she’s gone viral for sharing her how-to videos online.

“The Folding Lady” is Sophie Liard and she has nearly 2.5-million TikTokfollowers and more than 370-thousand onInstagramwho can’t stop watching her show us how it’s done. Her clips explain how to fold everything from sweaters and jeans to towels - which she does by folding it in half, width-wise, leaving a gap so the ends aren’t actually meeting, then rolling the folded towel so it’s smooth and free of creases.

Liard also shares other helpful household tips, like how to organize a cabinet and how to store bulky winter coats and makes everything look like it’s on display at a store. There’s something satisfying about watching her at work and even better? Her hacks are easy to follow and replicate so we can do it, too.

Check out two of her recent posts below:

Source :Apartment Therapy

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