Carly Pearce Says Brett Eldredge Would Be Here "Dating" Exception

  • Eat your heart out Michael Ray. Carly Pearce is making an exception to dating within the industry and this country star seems like a man who's interested.
  • In a recent interview,’s Gunner and Cheyenne asked the "Next Girl" singer about dating within the music industry.
  • “No. Never, ever. Never again,” she shared.
  • When questioned if she had any interest in Eldredge, Pearce seemed to reconsider, telling the hosts: “I mean listen, he would be my exception.”
  • Then the duo had an interview set up with Brett Eldridge. So they asked him about Carly!
  • “That’s awesome, she’s awesome, that’s amazing,” gushed Eldredge over the phone. “She opened on tour when I was with Blake Shelton a few years back and is a great person and a great singer.”
  • Our eyes are on this!

Brett Eldredge Responds To Carly Pearce After She Revealed He Would Be Her Dating ‘Exception’ |

Photo: Getty Images