Moms Need More "Me Time"; Here Are Some Tips How To Fit It In

Moms know that making time for themselves is important, but it can feel impossible and selfish to take that time when there’s so much to be done for the family. Juggling everyone’s schedules is challenging on its own, so self-care is often the thing that doesn’t make the cut for busy moms. But not taking “me time” takes its toll on you, so how do you fit it in? The key is slowing down to make it all work and this is how to make that happen.

  • Lose track of your phone more often - Even if you don’t spend a lot of time on your phone, scaling back every now and then can help you slow down and be more present, so everything you’re doing has your full attention.
  • Figure out what self-care IS and ISN’T - The idea is to replenish yourself and what you’re replenishing depends on what you feel like you’re missing. Self-care shouldn’t be about overindulging bad behavior, like doing so much “retail therapy” you wind up in credit card debt.
  • Schedule some time and stick to it - Carving out time for yourself can be tough, but once you do, don’t cancel on yourself. Convince yourself this isn’t another chore on your to-do list, it’s an indulgence and you deserve it!
  • Enjoy Mom-ing when you’re doing it - Make an effort to be present and engaged, not just going through the motions, that way you’ll - hopefully - feel less guilty for taking time for yourself when you do.
  • Start saying “no” more - Some moms get caught up in not wanting to disappoint anyone, so they end up with more than they can manage. Remember that you’re allowed to say “no” and if you do, you’ll get more out of the things you do say “yes” to.
  • Let your kids help - If your goal is to raise responsible, independent kids, let them pitch in to lighten your load. Chances are, there’s something they can do around the house, so figure out what it is and let them get busy.

Source: Little Things

Photo: Getty Images

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