Peep On A Perch Is The Easter Version Of Elf On A Shelf!

Do you have a love-hate relationship with the Elf on the Shelf because of the elaborate antics Elfie gets into every night leading up to Christmas? Sure, seeing the smiles on your kiddos faces when they find Santa’s little helper makes it worth it, sort of, but all that creativity can be exhausting. And that’s why Peep on a Perch is better. It’s an adorable plush toy chick and it’s also supposed to note kids’ good behavior, but this little chick requires no nightly additions to your to-do list.

is here to help the Easter Bunny know who’s on the nice list in the weeks leading up to Easter. The storybook that comes with the stuffed yellow chick explains how Easter Peeps help the Easter bunny by doing good deeds, like decorating eggs and filling baskets, and how they also see kids who are doing nice things for others.

The Peep gets perched on a shelf to watch the kids, but unlike the elf, they’re allowed to play with the toy because touching it doesn’t take away it’s magic, like it does with the elf. But the best part for the grown-ups is that they don’t have to move it EVERY single night. It can watch and report back to the Easter Bunny from anywhere and as long as the kids are being kind and showing good manners, they’re supposed to be rewarded with an Easter basket filled with goodies.

Source:She Knows

Photo: Getty Images

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