Where New Mexico Ranks On The List Of States That Drink The Most Wine

A study ranked all 50 states according to which ones drink the most WINE, according toZippia. According to the stats, the national average is just under 14 bottles of wine a year. But some states drink more than twice that much.

In first place is Idaho at just under 38 bottles a year per person. That's around 190 glasses of wine, or 3 to 4 glasses a week. But that includes a lot of people who don't drink at all. So wine drinkers there REALLY get after it.

The ten states that drink the most wine per capita are: Idaho, New Hampshire, Vermont, Delaware, Massachusetts, California, Connecticut, Nevada, Rhode Island and Hawaii.

New Mexico comes in at #35 on the list

It also found that Cabernet is the most popular type of wine in 43 states. Pinot Noir is first in Oregon, Wyoming, Alabama, and Kentucky. And Rosé is #1 in Maine, Maryland, and Utah.

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